About Sun Home

Sun Home is a young brand engaged in the sale of real estate from the primary and secondary market on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol - villas and apartments, including luxury ones for the most demanding customers.


The brand was founded in response to the needs and expectations of Polish customers - each year more and more Poles plan to purchase a holiday home abroad.


To meet the expectations of our clients, we established a cooperation with Provia Association, whose members are the best developers on the Costa Blanca. Together we have taken the marketing operations to promote our offer and the region to a wider group of potential investors and tourists.


Our company is constantly looking for a new opportunities to develop and expand our offer. We would like to establish cooperation with developers and agencies offering luxurious, best quality properties from Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Canary Islands.

If you are interested in collaboration, do not hesitate to let us to know!

Sun Home Team




The owner of the Sun Home brand

Primo Nieruchomości (Primo Property) successfully, for several years, has been selling and renting luxury apartments at the foot of Tatra Mountains in Zakopane and Kościelisko (top investment at the price of 3-4 thousand euros/m2). We managed to create a holiday apartments market in southern Poland and this business model we would like to transfer to the Spanish market. In this field we have specialized know-how, our own reservation system, hotline and a well-trained staff. Thanks to our activity in Poland we have a group of regular investors who would like to buy a property in Spain (mainly as an investment for rent).



Our motto is:

Invest – Take a rest – make a profit!

Our websites

• sale: primonieruchomosci.pl, primoinwestycje.pl
• rental: goralpoleca.pl, apartamentyzakopane.pl
• rental eng. : apartmentszakopane.com


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